About Us

Instalarm Security was established in 1985 when it was trading as Inter Security Systems. The Directors at the time had the Vision to establish an organization that would support and protect local business and residential properties by providing electronic security services.

In 2004 the company made the decision to develop its contacts in the national and international markets and the name was changed to Ansa Global Security to reflect this change in direction.

The company is operated by the founding Director Lou Magro who is experienced in a wide range of security solutions and has a close association with some of the major business leaders throughout Australia.

The company was instrumental in the development of CCTV surveillance systems in busses throughout Perth by the establishment of a company called Digital Technology International (DTI). Lou with his brother Neil were the founding directors of the company which is now a world leader in the provision of camera surveillance systems in buses, trains, ferries, taxis and VIP vehicles throughout the world including United States of America, United Kingdom and Asia.